I go through phases where I have many ideas that feel like glimmers of inspiration. Envision the dispersion and transient flickers of a noontime sun on water. For many years, I’ve been satisfied (not really…) with the ephemeral flashes, and have only recently decided to switch nature metaphors (can there be a truer genre of metaphor?)– I want these thoughts to be seeds.

Fatherhood has catalyzed this trend for me, which extends beyond tracking creative inspiration into other aspects of life. I see myself shifting to a more action oriented approach in self reflection, professional planning, finances, time management, etc. It’s a very new trend, and while in the past I’ve always “worked” on things and improving in my spare time, I’m dropping as much triviality (and by consequence inaction) as I can.

For example, I’ve thought about death a lot from a spiritual and psychedelic perspective, yet my approach to it now is more practical and less vaguely curious. Philosophical inquiry is less characterized by explorations into limits of knowledge or existential crises (though there is still plenty of that to go around), and trends towards straightforward surveying and intention: what are the tools at hand (concrete or subtle energy and resources), and what is the goal?

Which leads me to the purpose of this blog. I’ve finally managed to bring it into existence, at ease with its aesthetic imperfections and with confidence (commitment) to maintaining and improving it. I need a context to organize my ideas to track and grow the good seeds. It will be more work, and more satisfaction.